Spice up your Valentine with IRIS 694 CBSR

You’ve got the dress. You’ve got the date. You’ve got the dinner reservation. Your Valentine’s Day plans are fully in tact—save one thing: You haven’t quite figured out how you want to accessorize your ensemble. Specifically, you haven’t decided what statement shoes you’ll wear this Valentine’s Day.

This confusion may seem a silly one; shoes are a fairly frivolous affair—why fret over something so trivial? But anyone who’s spent more than a moment considering what they’ll wear on a given day knows how vital shoes are to an entire get-up—how carefully curated statement shoes should be to maximize the impact of an ensemble without overshadowing any piece of the sartorial puzzle.

A good pair of statement shoes stands out, sure, but it doesn’t steal the show; it works in tandem with every other item you have on, leaving you the ultimate star of the show. And since February 14 is recognized by many as ~the sexiest day of the year~, getting your Valentine’s Day statement shoe game in order weeks in advance isn’t premature—it’s simply rational.

Be the game changer with all new robust IRIS 694 CBSR and score a style hit with this ever so vibrant beauty. Give your outfit a fresh shot of haute elegance with the season’s most versatile shoes perfect for your daily stroll to laid-back evenings.


We bring you 4 different types of dates and how IRIS 694 CBSR can be the perfect choice for all these instances.


The Day-Date

When it’s a day-date, you might as well enjoy dressing to the T in a laid-back yet striking outfit. A smart slogan tee coupled with ripped jeans makes for a good base. To top this sartorial attire, do it with our chunky casuals as they add a subtle sense of sophistication.

The Movie Date

Classic jeans with a basic T-shirt and bomber jacket on top sounds like a good dapper date outfit. Grounding it with this fancy footwear, looks perfect showing your suave style yet looking simple and minimalistic.


The After-Work Date

It can be tough to go straight from desk to dinner but with basic grooming steps and changing into a smart-casual outfit, you’ll be all set to make a statement as well as an impression. IRIS 694 CBSR is like that perfect footwear to spice things up and shake off that ‘work’ vibe and show a cool vibe which is professional yet relaxed giving her that comfort level.

The Dinner Date

You should not look like you are heading for an interview while you go for the dinner date with your girl. Try to keep it crisp with plain tailored shirt and pants but rather chime it well with our IRIS 694 CBSR where the printed blocked designs is so suave that it gives you that confidence and also doesn’t show any ‘serious’ vibe.