Shoe hacks you should know!

Take a look at your shoes scattered about on the floor or stored in organized rows in your closet. If you’re like most of us, there are lots of different materials, finishes, and colors. Considering your busy life, one usually doesn’t get enough time to take care of the shoes on a daily basis.

However, a clean shoe is a must to set that impression wherever you go and this is where we step in.

Caliber presents you some of the tricks and hacks to keep your shoes on the par:

Tea bag to remove the smell:

Place the green tea bag inside the shoe and wait for 4-5 hours after that your shoe is left with refreshing smell of green tea. Repeat the process if required. This hack is a winner for people who wear sneakers or casual sporty shoes all the time. Specially a winner for children as they wander around a lot.

Expand tight shoes with hair dryer and sock:

First, practice walking in the shoes with socks and then blow dry it for a while. Continue the process for at least three to four days. This is a perfect hack for those formal shoes. All the business and workaholic people can definitely take this note.

Use sand paper to increase friction with the floor:

Take the sandpaper and scrub them at the outer layer of your shoe. The use of sand paper improves friction between floor and feet. This paper thus, allows you to walk in a nice balanced manner. Even some sneakers have slippery soles; it’s a fit for them too. In short, be it a shoe or a sandal, sand paper always works the trick.

Brighten dull shoe with ease:

Have you run out of shoe polish? Don’t worry as your daily dish washing supplies can help you with it. Apply a little on paper or towel and then gently wipe it on the shoe. Rub it till the shoe is thoroughly polished. You can do this on a regular basis.