5 reasons to choose VORTEX 824

Go bold, full of comfort & style like you mean it!!


Reflect your vibe with the virtuous VORTEX 824 where the perfect combination of TPU outer sole and EVA midsole becomes a definite treat for all the fast movers đź’¨

Flaunt your OOTD with the subtle sass of this pair & take a shot at the fashion fiesta with a refreshing attitude and high spirit! 🤩

Here are five reasons why you should choose this:

  • TPU outersole:

For those, looking for sports shoes with abrasion- and slip-resistant soles, this is the pair for you. “TPU” stands for “thermoplastic polyurethane”. TPU is a very sturdy and flexible material having very good performances: excellent abrasion resistance, excellent durability and slip resistance. With this sole on the outer layer where most wear and tear happen, it ensures durability for a long run.


  • EVA midsole:

Fulfilling the lightweight shoe criteria. EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) has rubber-like properties but tends to be softer than rubber, which means lesser padding and more flexibility. EVA tends to be much lighter allowing us to put extra thickness in the sole without increasing weight which is done by adding rubber in the outer layer of EVA sole by Caliber which adds to the durability of the shoe at the same time and completing value for money. VORTEX 824 is so light that you will feel like being on it all day.


  • Breathable mesh fabric:

Featuring an upper made of breathable mesh fabric, there’s an air of cool around this pair that’ll help you sport your style. Designed with a lightweight and breathable mesh upper that makes for a sock-like fit, these shoes will effortlessly adapt to your foot and offer targeted support where you need it the most.


  • Vibrant & Sporty style:

Boasting vibrant, sporty style and cutting-edge designs, this striking model is meant to be seen. The athletic man of today likes his accessories to be performance oriented and uber-stylish too. Switch up your style statement every day and get ready to capture all the attention.


  • Double capsule support:

To drastically help you smash your goals, these shoes for men are specially constructed to prevent injuries and give you an extra boost wherever you need. VORTEX 824 is the double capsule support that you’ve always wanted in your pair