Introduce your little ones to style & comfort!

Throwback to the happy-go-lucky days when we as children were only concerned about swinging and jumping in the playground and gorging on candies, that was mostly what life was all about; years later, we ache for the times where we could re-live those innocent moments, when we had a blast without having to worry about anything apart from school grades. One such memory was of the little fancy shoes which will always stay as an inevitable part of our childhood. Kids live in a wonderful world filled with adventure, magic & curiosity. Let your little ones explore their childhood to the fullest with our hottest drop BOBBY 119 collection.

Hidden behind a cool design, is the comfi-est walking experience equipped with EVA sole and soft mesh on the upper thereby offering an unimaginable lightness on those little toes. Providing easy airflow and great grip, these charmers are an obvious choice for this season. While purchasing kids’ shoes, it’s important to consider the comfort as it is essential for their foot health and keeps their feet light and calm while sitting, standing walking or even playing. Children usually find it quite difficult to tie their laces up. If your child is one of them, these non-lacing shoes are the greatest boon for your little kids. It is a very feasible option when with kids, as laces tend to open and there is a very real possibility of tripping or falling with all the vacay excitement. The no-fuss design makes these shoes very popular as casual shoes for kids. Offering supremely comfortable footwear for children with additional protective features which keeps the child safe from injuries and bruises and takes utmost care of their feet, BOBBY 119 should be the choice if you’re looking for a pair for your kid in budget.

Proving to be a good friend to your child’s feet, get your kids to jump on the fashion bandwagon with these kicks and add fun to your child’s outfit for the family excursions and picnics. The pattern/ print is quirky and smart, and a perfect way to make any child go grin with that additional cozy and snug factor for those cute feet.


So, when are you getting your child ready for the next escapade?