How to wear double monk straps?

Double monk straps are one of the most enduring footwear styles of all time. Classy yet fashionable, they can be slipped on and off and are perfect for the lace-adverse gentleman. The finely crafted nature of the monk strap lends it a dash of formality with a tone of playfulness to any outfit. Their appeal lies in their ability to balance the fine combination of being nonchalant and formal at the same time. In fact, double monk straps are in that interesting area in the middle, dressy at times but with an edge of daring and fun that seem to say ‘Hey, I’m smart and I’m relaxed’.

Getting complicated? Worry not, as this blog is all about how you can style your double monk strapped shoes with ease.

Monk straps with a suit:

The most stylish pairing for monk straps is a nicely tailored suit. Like other dress shoes, black and brown monk straps are still the most versatile colors that can be matched with various suit colors and styles. When you’re styling a black suit, stick to black single monk strap shoes for a formal look. However, other suiting shades such as grey, navy, charcoal, and beige can be enhanced by a pair of brown double monk straps. As far as the finish is concerned, look for something that is shiny to help your shoes stand out.

Monk straps with chinos:

For a purely fashionable statement, monk straps and chinos are the way to go. This combo is especially popular with the smart casual crowd and can often be seen at parties or sport days. To look more fashionable, you can mix cuffed chinos with a button-down shirt, a brown belt, a printed blazer, for example, a checked one, brown monk strap shoes.

Monk straps with jeans:

Jeans are always a good idea! To make casual or relaxed looks just take a pair of your favorite jeans and combine them with a navy-blue t-shirt, a pastel color jacket and brown shoes. Ditch your trainers or loafers in favor of some smart monk straps paired with slim-fitting jeans. For casual outfits, opt for tan double monks with dark skinny denim and a white T-shirt. Or, go smart casual by teaming brown leather single monk straps with slim-fit blue denim, a brown belt.

Monk straps with shorts:

One of the harder looks to pull off is the monk strap and shorts combo. It follows the same principle as suiting and the only rule is no baggy shorts and no exposed socks. Keep your shorts slim fitting and follow the same color-coordinating rules as with suiting. In the casual days,  team brown double monk straps with a grey or navy linen shirt and slim-fitting white or beige shorts.