Next Gen Caliber shoes is officially here to change the game!

Amidst this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your health. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, looking to decrease your running times or an amateur trying to get some cardio done, you need a footwear that cushions your feet and offers you the support you need during these strenuous physical activities. It’s time to be on top of your performance and experience the utmost athletic performance with our VORTEX 824 collection.

Boasting vibrant, sporty style and cutting-edge designs, this striking model is meant to be seen. Featuring an upper made of breathable mesh fabric, there’s an air of cool around this pair that’ll help you sport your style. The athletic man of today likes his accessories to be performance oriented and uber-stylish too. Designed with a lightweight and breathable mesh upper that makes for a sock-like fit, these shoes will effortlessly adapt to your foot and offer targeted support where you need it the most.

Wear them out when you want to challenge yourself, physically. To drastically help you smash your goals, these shoes for men are specially constructed to prevent injuries and give you an extra boost wherever you need. Ultra-unique, distinguished and undoubtedly the most premium addition to our sports shoe collection, VORTEX 824 is the double capsule support that you’ve always wanted in your pair. With a TPU sole for durability along with EVA midsole for unimaginable lightness, this is the Next Gen Caliber shoes that’s officially here to change the game.

Perfect for running, sports, walking, or anything your athletic personality decides to test itself through, these charismatic shoes will make a stylish, affordable addition to any collection. With a great grip for any kind of field you want to try them on at, be it an indoor stadium or an outdoor field, you can rest assured that these sports shoes will prove their mettle by not only improving the mechanics of the body while running but also providing good aesthetic.


What are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Caliber stores or simply hop on over to our website and shop this sturdy pair.