Why should META series be in your shopping list?

Soar high in style and amplify your chic persona with the suave, vibrant and moody options under the META series. Whether you’re going on a grocery store run or leaving the gym, pairs under META series can always elevate your look. Always be on your toes with these stunner casuals and get ready to make a statement even with the simplest of seasonal ensembles.



One pair for all your style choice. It just sits perfectly with joggers, chinos or jeans elevating your look with ease that you can’t stop yourself from using the same pair again and again.

The META 556.SG is that one black casual shoe in your closet that acts like a flex changing your shoe game with every step. With utmost comfort and redefined taste, you can now turn your errands into a statement making affair in a way you will have a hard time trying not getting addicted to it.


META 556S (With 3 color options)

If you are one of those, who likes to stand out in the mass, this is for you. Because this pair is only for those who want to set a unique persona in the room.We call this one a pop of excitement. With three color options, you will find your favorite hue to pair it with all your plain colors thereby adding a fun vibe to your overall look. Minimal & stylish with just the right amount of grace, this pair is for those who want to set themselves aside from the usual crowd with some new colors that keeps the look-laid back and yet refreshing.

META 556 (With 2 styles)

If you are one of those, who goes with the ‘PLAY IT COOL’ mantra, this pair is for you. Clean, classic and comfortable, all the options in the META series are very sleek and minimal in a way to allow you to pair them with anything. These are the pair of shoes you’ll likely reach for more than any other in your closet. No matter the occasion, there’s a magic with the white sneakers that keeps you pulling towards them for everything.