3 reasons why REX 722 can be a best choice for monsoon

Come monsoon and our main concern remains to be how to beat the humidity. The rainy season means more sweat and while we are all set with our easy breezy clothes, what about footwear? It can get quite difficult to get a strong foothold when there’s water all around, which is why you need to get special monsoon footwear for the rainy season!

Being prepared with the right footwear for unexpected downpours is a must, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. While rainy shoes are often fashion backwards and mainly practical shoes to keep you protected, we are here with REX 722 to offer with the right match for the monsoon while keeping both your style and comfort game on point!



Our REX 722 come with full-length cushioning and TPU soles, which provide good support with a waterproof membrane thereby providing the grip on wet and muddy terrain. Step forward in style as you have now got the confidence to go through any surface with ease; all thanks to our firm grip that’s going to keep you going throughout the day.


Made of mesh material, these running shoes feature lace up closure, round toe style and a slight heel towards the end. Mesh material is a great pick in the monsoon as it allows the feet to breath and doesn’t make them sweaty for superior comfort and ventilation. All you need to do is just wipe the dust with a clean and dry cloth.



Choosing a footwear that’s light in weight is very important especially during the monsoons because heavy shoes in the water tend to feel even heavier and it is best to avoid that. These shoes are designed and handcrafted specially for Asian feet to match the highest standards of quality and comfort. Features like traction, textured outsole, flexibility, etc. are kept at utmost focus for maximum comfort.

However, make sure you buy the right size as the wrong size during monsoons can make an uncomfortable experience. Our in-house experts in our showrooms will make sure you have an amazing experience with the selection based on your personality.