Step into a premium experience with STALLION 820

After more than two decades of meteoric growth, the company continues to be a brand of innovation, style and technology that gives consumers comfort as well as the chance to stay on par with all the current trends. We are directing to our recent launch STALLION 820 that boasts a high level of wearing comfort and is definitely providing a shoe experience that’s a notch higher from our previous launches. Billed as Caliber’s most premium and effective pair, the series emphasizes on innovative solutions for fit, cushioning, stability, grip, ventilation and durability.


Designed for the fitness-conscious, our STALLION series is worth every penny due its craftsmanship that contributes to the style, comfort and longevity. This lightweight lace-up shoe features a breathable mesh on the upper that provides air circulation and comfort like never before while moderated ankles take full care of the feet while walking and running.


Showcase your style while experiencing the ultimate comfort with mid-sole incorporating of a higher-grade EVA sole allowing independent movement of the heel and forefoot, its structured in a way that helps alleviate arch strain by letting your foot move more naturally and adjust to uneven ground as you run.

Something that we can’t keep calm about is the use of a higher-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) soles for the entire sole resulting in the delivery of responsive support that is more durable and provides greater energy return than earlier cushioning systems. Apart from this, the strong and adjustable lacing system holds your feet with a strong grip while energetic and powerful movements.


What do you want to say about our latest STALLION series that’s definitely providing you with that premium experience and is sure to boost up that confidence within you?