Know what shoes to wear with your jeans

Although jeans may just be your go-to wardrobe staple for standard weekend looks, they’re no doubt a surprisingly versatile outfit. Whether you’re heading to the club for a drink, the office on “Casual Friday” or a cool cocktail party, jeans can make an excellent choice. They may be basic, but these essential staples are versatile and can be worn in many exciting and stylish ways. To nail the different looks that jeans can achieve, such as casual, smart casual, and semi-formal styles, choosing the right shoes is essential.


Caliber presents you 5 shoes that you can pair with your jeans to make it look suave and stylish at the same time.


White Sneakers

Thanks to the rise in the athleisure trend, sneakers are becoming more popular than ever and, in this segment, white sneakers have been like an ever-green option. If you are looking for that winning combination of casual and cool, Caliber white sneakers are a great bet.


Our sleek, low-profile sneakers go great with pretty much all types of jeans. A good pair of white trainers can give your jeans that level of sophistication while also keeping you looking relaxed and confident. This combination will work well with a smart casual dress code or a night out on the town with friends.


*Pro Tip: Don’t be scared to pair your white kicks with colored jeans.



Boots are another excellent footwear choice to rock with jeans. All you need to do is find the perfect style for your needs. Boots help give you a modern urban look. If you want to opt to wear boots with jeans to the workplace, we recommend investing in a good pair of Chelsea or Chukka boots. Also, remember to consider color and texture. While suede and brown designs will usually have a relaxed and rugged appearance, black varieties will look sleeker and more sophisticated.


Pro Tip: When wearing jeans with boots, we recommend rolling them just a tad and even showing some ankle if you can.



Luxurious yet laid back, loafers are an excellent option for numerous occasions. From brunch to a walk around town, a good pair of loafers are essential in any man’s wardrobe. Loafers paired with denim work exceptionally well for those whose workplace has a smart casual dress code. For a traditional appearance, try a classic pair of penny loafers. Doing so will create a sleek and dapper appearance that’s perfect for polished outfits.



Oxfords often mean formal. However, pairing your denim with a great pair of oxfords can give you a smart yet sophisticated touch. Not only do Oxfords look great when paired with a suit, but they also transition from work to the weekend nicely with jeans. When selecting your Oxfords, stick to traditional materials, styles, and colors such as browns, blacks, and burgundy.


Monk Straps

Monk straps are a solid footwear option, giving you that combination of professionalism but also keeping it casual at the same time. Monk straps are a great option to pair with your denims in the Fridays at your workplace. Color and silhouette are going to be the primary considerations you look for these shoes. Look out for classic colors and materials, such as brown or black.