How to prevent socks from smelling?

The right socks have the power to make you feel confident, empowered and unstoppable.

According to the California Podiatric Medical Association, your feet contain 2,50,000 sweat glands which excrete about half a pint of moisture in a day. The feet also contain one of the highest numbers of dead skin cells, and when all these combines, they make an ideal place for disease-causing bacteria to thrive. If you remember biology from early childhood, you would remember that moist surroundings are the best for micro-organisms like bacteria to grow and reproduce, and that can be perfectly found inside a shoe, especially when you are wearing them all day. Not only does this increase the risk of infections and diseases it will also definitely cause a foul smell, and make your friends run away if at all you decide to let your feet out of your shoes.

Worry not! Caliber brings you the easiest of ways to prevent socks from smelling.

1)🧦Change your socks daily. Socks develop a bad smell if worn too long and when left unwashed. Allowing your feet to air out also diminishes odor issues.


2)🧦Dry the socks completely before putting them on, as damp socks are more likely to develop a bad odor.


3)🧦Choose good quality socks that absorb moisture rather than keep it on your feet. These include thick, soft socks made out of natural fibers or sports socks.


4)🧦Drink more water 4 – 5 litre a day when our sweat comes out from our body it so concentrated in which the level of ammonia is too high due lake of water in our body it goes out from body and in absence of air it is smelling your socks.


5)🧦Be clean. Wash your feet every day. Dipping your feet into a tub of water and scrubbing may be better than just letting the shower water splash on them. Be sure to dry your feet when you’re done.


6)🧦Wear the right socks. Cotton, some wools, and special knits made for athletes will absorb sweat and allow your feet to breathe. Put on a fresh pair every day.


7)🧦Make sure your shoes aren’t too tight. If they are, your feet might sweat more than normal.


8)🧦Switch shoes. Wearing the same shoes every day can make them smellier. Let them dry out for a couple of days before wearing them again.


9)🧦Kill those germs. Using a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria in your shoes. You also might wash your feet with antibacterial soap. Setting shoes out in the sun also may help.


10)🧦Wash shoes or insoles. Some insoles or shoes, especially sneakers, may be washable — a great way to kill odors and get clean-smelling shoes again. Be sure to dry them completely before wearing them.