4 Shoe trends that will never go out of style!

You can’t pick just one. Which shoe trend never fades? Take a look.


Shoes play an essential role in every ensemble. After all, the right shoe can quickly make or break your look. Exploring and following the latest trend is always dope, especially when it comes to shoes. If you are obsessed with shoes, you would surely know there are few shoe trends that keep coming back every year. No matter how many new styles you add to your footwear collection, you will end up picking at least one shoe trend every year that is timeless and classic.


Let’s take a look on 5 footwear picks that will never leave your closet.


The White Sneaker:

Each one of you have at least one pair of those pretty white sneakers. They may get dirty easily which would make you wear them less but you can’t afford to give them a miss. They look absolutely stylish with shirt dresses, shirts and shorts, gym tracks, denim and many more. Sneakers are forever classic and everyone’s favorite because they are extremely comfortable and nice. If you don’t have one, upgrade your shoe collection with a pair of white sneakers right now!



Low and lace-free, loafers are a mainstay of smart casual dress and are a favorite shoe style for summer months. A pair of black loafers will suit a range of palettes and will work for both casual and formal looks. Brown is also a good color to compliment tones like whites, beige, and greens. If you are after a pair of loafers to suit neutrals, our YUCCA collection will work well to give you a more colorful pinch.


Suede Chelsea Boots:

Though Chelsea boots have been in fashion since the 19th century, they remain an essential staple in the contemporary man’s wardrobe. Their timeless silhouette and minimalist design allow them to easily incorporate into your current sartorial rotation, with their versatile nature lending them to a variety of looks from casual wear to semi-formal occasions. So, with that in mind, what is the best Chelsea boots outfit?


Black formals:

Black is the most formal of all shoe colors out there. Any shoe in black is going to be more formal than the same style of shoe in brown. Certain dress codes, such as black tie, require black shoes. If you attend black tie events often, or you’re going to be wearing a dark gray suit, then you probably want to go with black shoes.