Different ways to tie your laces

Not only do your shoelaces affect the fit of your footwear, but they also change the vibe. We’re here to show you tons of cool ways to lace shoes so that your foot comfort is kept at utmost priority; After-all the way you lace your shoes can make a big difference.

Caliber shoes brings you three ways to lace your shoes that accommodate various needs, including heel slipping, toe pain and wide feet.

Runner’s Loop for Heel Slipping

For a truly comfortable instep, make a loop. This allows for a snug fit that will prevent the foot from shifting its position inside the shoe, whatever terrain you may be running on. Avoid heel slipping it avoids blisters, pain, and healing time that keeps you sidelined. Try to solve heel slipping with the runner’s loop lacing technique:

  • Lace your shoes normally until you reach the second eyelet to the top on each side.
  • Instead of crossing over again, insert each lace in the last eyelet on the same side as the eyelet below it. This will make a loop.
  • Now, pull the lace on the left through the loop on the right, and vice versa.
  • Finish tying your shoes as usual.

Diagonal Lacing for Toe Pain

Free your toes: take the diagonal route. Lift the toe box and follow the natural motion of your foot – just like the diagonal stitching of your ons. Giving your toes more room to spread out can help prevent toe numbness and pain. It can also provide relief from forefoot discomfort and black toenails. Use this diagonal lacing approach to give your toes more space.

  • Completely remove your laces from your shoes, and put one end of your shoelace through the bottom eyelet closest to your big toe.
  • Pull it through the top eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe. You’ll want to pull it through enough to have the length at the top end you normally use to tie your shoe.
  • Now weave the lace at the bottom of your shoe through the other bottom eyelet, from the top of the eyelet to the inside.
  • Continue weaving it back to the opposite side, this time from the inside through to the top of the shoe.
  • Repeat the pattern until the lace reaches the top eyelet, and then finish tying your shoe as normal.

Wide Feet Lacing

This style of lacing can help loosen the entire shoe to give your foot more space and comfort. This lacing technique loosens the entire shoe to give your foot more space. Some people who have wide feet will particularly benefit from this technique but bear in mind, some manufacturers offer shoes in wide foot ranges. If your wide-width shoes aren’t accommodating your foot enough, you can give your feet more space with this lacing technique. It’s also a nice preventative measure for when your feet might swell after a lengthy run, such as an ultramarathon. Here are the steps to wide feet lacing:

  • Untie your shoe all the way except for the laces going through the bottom two loops. They should be laced straight across, with the laces on top and going through to the inside.
  • On your pinky toe side, push the lace up through the second eyelet on the same side as the lace.
  • Bring the tip of that same lace straight across to the second eyelet on your big toe side, lacing through the top of the eyelet to the inside.
  • Now take the other lace and push it through the third eyelet on its same side, which will be your big toe side.
  • Lace it straight across to the third eyelet on the opposite side, going from the top of the eyelet through to the inside.
  • Continue lacing in this pattern until you reach the top, and finish tying as usual.