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5 Shoes you can choose this Valentine’s!

Gentlemen, you’ve got the outfit. You’ve got the date. You’ve got the dinner reservation. Your Valentine’s Day plans are fully in tact—except one thing: You haven’t quite figured out how you want to accessorize your ensemble. Specifically, you haven’t decided what statement shoes you’ll wear this Valentine’s Day.


A good pair of statement shoes stands out, sure, but it doesn’t steal the show; it works in tandem with every other item you have on, leaving you the ultimate star of the show. And since February 14 is recognized by many as ~the sexiest day of the year~, getting your Valentine’s Day statement shoe game in order weeks in advance isn’t premature—it’s simply rational.


Caliber brings you 5 shoes you can try on this Valentine’s whether it’s an intimate candle light dinner, that casual bar hop, or a nice sunny picnic. There’s something for all occasions.


Formal & refined with GARNET 682-C:

If you have a formal date planned, definitely step up your outfit and show that you’ve put in effort. Don’t forget, women make note of the soles on your feet and dress shoes always add that sophistication with whatever you wear giving a perception that you are pretty much serious and that you value her presence. Undeniable classy & effortlessly chic- a classic, evergreen style, the pair is an absolute must if you want to add a quirky twist to the ensemble.


Relaxed & comfy with GENIUS 555

Heading out to a low-key meetup for your next date? Keep your outfit comfy and casual so you can focus on making a connection. Jeans in a darker wash are always a good idea—and a bold graphic sweater with an oversized shirt jacket gives just the right number of cool vibes. Turn up the drama with our white microfiber beauties & get ready to make a statement with a dash of zing to your love connection. After all who doesn’t like a cool guy?


Keep it smart with HAWK W481C

Playing safe is always better guys! To create a polished look that works for a wide variety of date night plans, starting with a windowpane oxford shirt and chinos is a smart choice. If it’s chilly, layer on a sweater for an elevated touch. Add an oomph factor to your look, with these boots that are chic & sophisticated and are sure to BOOT-UP your connection in a smart & classic manner.


Modern sophistication with Chervil W698C

Meeting up with your date for craft cocktails? You’ll want to put together an outfit that’s elevated, and will be appropriate if there’s a dress code. Choosing a sport coat rather than a blazer dials down the formality a bit, and a pattern like a tonal check shows a little personality. It’s now important to make room for comfort with zero compromise in style with our penny loafers. Remarkable craftsmanship & peerless sophistication come together to give you an unfair advantage that is high on street & comfort.


Elevated casual with YUCCA 667.2

If your date leans more on the relaxed side than the formal side, you’ll want to put together more of a laid-back outfit—but still look put together. Start with a checked button down, and give your blues a break with a colored twill pant. This is where our YUCCA fits perfectly that’s so airy, breathable & lightweight that your confidence is boosted by default. Giving your date some chill vibes, this will definitely open up paths for new bondings.