Caliber Shoes


It is said, “An idea without implementation is just good thinking.”

Kalidash Goutama

Chairman, founder

With the experience of over 20 years in the shoemaking business, K.D. Shoes Industries introduced Caliber Shoes with the vision of crafting design and comfort in footwear stirring domestic production and manufacturing taking the traditional footwear business to what the brand is today - one of the leading and most popular footwear companies in Nepal.

Prashanna Gautam

Director, co-founder

Caliber brings you an exclusive collection of functional and fashionable shoes including sports shoes, casual footwear, formal shoes, boots, and many more. Get your hands on a pair of these multipurpose shoes to feel the ultimate satisfaction of wearing classy and superior quality footwear crafted to understand your need.

Aman Gautam

Director, co-founder

From microfiber shoes to boots, Caliber footwear comes in a variety of colours and materials with price ranges of all your preferred varieties. If you are one of those, swiss replica watches who generalize the quality of the product just because its ‘ MADE IN NEPAL’ you need to rethink as Caliber is here to provide you with your style and ideology with their affordable yet exquisite pairs helping you to become the next hot rage on the block.

Professional Values

Our work-culture is multi-cultured and diverse. We value unique perspectives and are open about motivations behind this. Employee Health & Wellness programs are implemented reflecting the specific needs of our employees. Health, care and safety of our consumers, communities we belong to, and colleagues are the most important and basic of our foundation.


Caliber focuses on empowering female artisans to use their skills and craft in the manufacturing thereby making a real difference in the lives of local women and contributing to change in the fashion industry while supporting the local economy products. Each artisan’s training starts with hand sewing, moving on to simple machine patterns, and eventually mastering the sewing machine. The brand aims to employ local women and provide training, fair wages and meaningful employment thus making a difference in the society. All these years down the line, spending time with these groups has helped the company realize that even the most traditional women, when given the opportunity, thrive in a sphere of meaningful work. Today, more than 70% of the total workforce in the company includes women giving them an opportunity to take control of their careers, their families, and their lives in a country as socially stratified as Nepal.

Our Six Core Values

  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Transparency
  • Customer Orientation
  • Honesty
  • Team Orientation shapes our standards.
  • Employee Satisfaction

We believe in encouraging our people to grow professionally as well as personally. We earn our consumers’ trust by delivering various choices at all stages and enhancing lives.


Ensuring customer delight and stakeholders return by delivering a quality product at an affordable price through an extensive retail network.


To be in every Nepalese step.

Values that we live by:

  • To follow the highest standards of honest workmanship in whatever we make
  • To walk the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, worldwide
  • To remain a true cosmopolitan to the spirit
  • To remain a great corporation to associate with and to work for
  • To know that ‘we are about people

Who we are ?

Started with an initial plan to open up 25 outlets in a time frame of 5 years from when the brand was established, the company achieved that target in just 3 years’ time with its fine combination of comfort, style, and quality workmanship. The brand has also opened up its outlet in Malaysia taking the local name to the international arena, which is an assurance of its durability, availability, and quality. With a positive word of mouth from its customers both nationally and internationally, the brand aims to increase the number of outlets in the major cities of the country and start exporting its products as well. With Caliber shoes, you notch up your style quotient staying cool and confident with pride of owning a locally made product at the same time. For people who prefer keeping comfort at the top, Caliber is a one-stop destination having a swell range of footwear from flip-flops, loafers, sneakers to formal boots and lace-ups. The brand has also given employment opportunities to a remarkable group of the population both directly (Factory employees, Official outlet owners and their employees) and indirectly (Raw Material Agencies, Logistics, Media Houses and many more) thus contributing to the society. With 6 months warranty and high-quality materials to maintain the high level of durability and aesthetics, Caliber shoe is up to date with the ongoing trends and is always striving to meet the international standards and meet the multipurpose needs of its customers. Choose how to put your best foot forward as you take on the world with Caliber shoes.


Careers aren't about ladder climbing. They are a personal journey, where you find your energy by developing new skills and discover how to make your job a meaningful part of your life.

At Caliber, we know that it is our people who set us apart and spur our success year after year. Thus, we have created a high-performance culture that puts the emphasis on innovation and growth and hence enables their development and ultimately ours.

As a professional, you will find you have a wider sphere of influence and more learning at Caliber. We look for exceptional people from a variety of fields including Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and Finance, Human Resources, Retail, Purchase and Supply Chain areas. Whatever your background, we have the size, scale, training and culture to help you deepen your skills, broaden your strengths and increase your impact.

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